Have you considered Virtual Decluttering?

Virtual Decluttering is a bespoke coaching service, for those living outside the Sydney area who would like my service. Also for those Sydney siders working full time, with limited availability and busy lives. A service tailored to your needs and hours, allowing you to be more organised and declutter savvy.

Virtual means we problem solve your clutter without physically being at your home. You’re coached into a clutter free way of life – with a supportive ear and expert guidance.

The Virtual Declutter includes two x 1hour Facetime or Skype sessions. During the initial session, I will make an assessment of your needs, and discuss how best to proceed. You then receive a personalised bullet point list to action. During the second call I guide you with the list to a decluttered and orderly space, whether it is your kitchen, office or wardrobe you would like made over.

Cost is $200 for 2 hours plus the detailed notes.

Follow up calls or skype sessions to ensure you’re on track and continuing to make progress are $80 per hour.

This allows you to organise and rediscover the rest of your home – without travelling or attending any courses.

The Virtual session is available in the evenings and on Saturdays – so you make the best use of your time.


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